Our brand arises from our enormous need to express ourselves through a product that reflects us, our ethics and our passions.

The design of our collections is based on an imperfect perfection which embraces human beings with all their flaws.

Black and white are a fundamental feature of our collections.
Black has deep meaning; it is never flawed, never sad – indeed, it is poetic and comforting. For us it represents mystery and sensuality.

White is also full of meaning. It expresses light and utter purity. The word purity is central to our collections; a genuine lifestyle choice. It evokes a minimalism of line, a deep bond with untouched nature, a knowledge that is wild and primitive, almost hostile.

We’re not interested in fleeting fashions, in the frivolity that increasingly prevails in the world. We believe in something deeper, and for us this is a mission, a vocation that goes beyond trends.

Creativity takes time; it needs mistakes and imperfections. It is a constant reviewing of every tiny detail, a search for a perfection that perhaps does not exist.

We love to experiment with contours and shapes, but what we like best is asymmetry, which is exactly how people are. We ourselves are never just one thing; we can actually be many.

Here at Ernesto Dolani, everything we do is based on respect for the environment, beginning with the materials we use, which are mostly vegetable-tanned hides and leathers.

And all is done with the highest standards of ethics and human respect.

The entire collection is produced in Italy, with the aim of sustaining our local community.

We use ancient artisan techniques to create a product that lasts through the years and is always admired, regardless of passing fashions.

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