«So, nature is not a physical place to which one can go, nor a treasure to fence in or bank, nor as essence to be saved or violated. Nature is not hidden and so does not need to be unveiled. Nature is not a text to be read in the codes of mathematics and biomedicine. […] nature is, strictly, a commonplace».

However, some commonplaces are more habitable than others: the widespread perception that there exist natural behaviors, desires, and destinies, and that unexpected events and deviations arise when the system jams, seems rather suffocating to us. If nature is composed of something, that something is a set of deviations from a norm it doesn’t know and that will only be imposed on it later.

Deviation is original, it doesn’t need a normality to deviate from. No one truly walks in a straight line unless forced to. Stumbling, putting weight on the legs unevenly, skipping, bumping into someone else and things, are all ways to assist nature in its journey that doesn’t start from starting blocks and accepts no trajectory.

Art Direction / Gaia Benedetti Perinetti Casoni

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