No birth has ever come alone.

Always repeated at least one other time because of all the hybrid bodies and multitudes and performances without a name it incapsulates, every birth is a composition of different timelines. Or a synthesis of undying chronologies: artificial rebirth.

Because no synthesis can be defined as “natural” and the reshaping of borders is always a technical miracle, an heretic marriage between the past and a conjured, and yet unfamiliar, future.

If a border, with its attempts to immunize a space, is actually a promise of exchange, of unending transfers, then a volume, with its apparently unfathomable materiality, is just a crease in a flow of light.

Ernesto Dolani fall winter 23-24 Collection explores how light’s tenderness can cut through the density of blackness without arming a single particle.

Opening the depths of matter up to color, a controlled emphasis brings in the violet of the sacred and the red of passion.

After the passage of light no barrier is left intact, no border unmoved. A glowing darkness: a reborn one.

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