Je Suis Bordeaux x Ernesto Dolani

Iterview with Germana Stella aka Je Suis Bordeaux

Edited by Davide Andreatta

Hello Germana, and thank you for this opportunity to get to know you and explore your artistic practice. If you had the chance to fully control the narrative surrounding you, how would you like to be introduced?

Today, I would introduce myself like this, but tomorrow, I don’t know: in a time and space without weight, I am bordeaux, and I am no longer just a number beneath my feet.

In your artistic research, the body, your body, occupies a central position. What is the reason behind this choice? Did your practice stumble upon your body and stop there, or did your body discover art?

It all stems from a conflict between mind and body, between control and freedom: I’ve tried to find a balance between these things by turning them into “art” – with quotation marks because I still can’t define what I do with such an important word.

Your photography often integrates other media, such as drawing, for example; where does this need for crossing boundaries come from? This desire to hybridize is at the core of the latest Ernesto Dolani collection, and I believe it intersects with a broader movement – think of new ecologies, ecofeminisms, and intersectional movements. What are your thoughts on this?

The use of drawing within my photographs originates from a battle against censorship on social media. I tried to find a way to cover those parts of the body that society refuses to consider natural, making them appear less “wrong.” It’s a practice that has been going on for years now, along with many other small battles against myself and against this mentality we encounter every day. I find it fantastic that the fashion industry is also interested in various social issues: usually, fashion is seen as leisure, something light, but it’s so much more, and above all, it’s something that truly involves everyone. So, through it, you can reach millions of people and raise awareness about things that are not talked about enough.

The latest Dolani campaign involves the use of artificial intelligence in the production of its visual content. Is this a technology you have some interest in? Can you imagine a future where it will be part of your creative process?

I don’t yet know exactly how to interpret it, but I definitely foresee the integration of artificial intelligence into my photography, although I wouldn’t want to change my style too much. In any case, it would certainly be interesting to talk about something I’ve always wanted to resemble, especially in the past: something perfect, without feelings.

Regarding your intervention on your photos through drawing, elements from the natural world make their appearance. From your perspective, what kind of relationship exists between technology and nature?

Honestly? I’ve never really considered such a question. I’ve always seen nature as something precious to be preserved and protected from humans, and technology as something precious but entrusted to the wrong hands, those of humans. These are two things I can’t seem to reconcile, but I suppose there are technologies that, when used in harmony with nature, can also help it; this would somehow make its process unnatural, but our existence must somehow improve the course of things in the universe. We can’t just destroy; our existence must have a purpose.

Would you be willing to share some insights into your future projects with our community?

Future projects… I have so many things in my head, but I was born under the sign of Gemini, so they will almost all be inconclusive. I can say that I have just started a collaboration in Berlin to create a clothing line with some very unique prints, but I wouldn’t want to reveal too much because life has taught me the concept of giving and taking very well.

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